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Wedding Cakes

This was the second wedding cake that I had done. It was for a couple who loved carnations and desired a bouquet of them at the top and the front of their cake and a gamete frill around the bottom tier. It was a 3 tier Rich Fruit Cake and based on a pearl, silver and gold colour theme. It was very popular at the wedding as the bottom tier was cut and everyone got a piece.

*Type - Rich Fruit Cake
*Price - £250-£300


This was my third wedding cake. I wanted to try a more simplistic approach, therefore I chose blue, gold and white as my colour theme. This is a two tier Rich Fruit Cake with sugarpaste freesia's and carnations on the top and in the middle.

*Currently up for sale!!

*Type - Rich Fruit Cake
*Price - £180


This was my fourth wedding cake. This has been very popular amoungst people, the colour theme and the red and white sugarpaste roses. Being a three tier Rich Fruit Cake and my first cake with roses, overall this is my favourite cake.

*Currently up for SALE!!!

*Type - Rich Fruit Cake
*Price - £300


This was my very first wedding cake which I done for my exam at Bathgate Academy and got an 'A', I was very pleased. It was not long after that, that I decided a cake career would be right for me. This is a bold cake with the colours of pink, blue, white and green. 3 tier Rich Fruit Cake and done with sugarpaste carnations.

*Type - Rich Fruit Cake

*Price - (this cake was an exam)

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